Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Regressives

I Don't know where the idea came from but it seems that lately it is in vogue to excuse awful behavior. Somehow it has become the norm to ignore actual injustice, to abandon the principles one "holds dear".

All over the news, social media I have seen the pearl clutching masses have had their absolutely fabulaous party of throwing under under the bus.  And they all but orgasm all over their sheets when they are watching their compassion porn.

For the most part they are all for playing the victim, so long as it is the right kind of victim, attacked by the right kind of attacker. If you are, say, a white woman that lives in the west, you have to punch up for those that you think are below you in the social strata. If course, if you are a victim and attacked by a member of a lower special interest group... Well... Suck it up butter cup. They don't care.

This is beautifully put on display in regard to the most recent news out of Germany that mobs of Muslim men made it their evening sport to go out and get their collective rocks off, by sexually assaulting or raping women in the middle of Cologne. The media has been suspiciously quiet on this matter. If course, it would do no good to actually have the concerns of rational people confirmed about the actions of refugees in their midst. But the mass of the SJW world... Crickets. Because of course, they were Muslims and the victims were white women, and the Muslims rank lower in the oppression Olympics.

Now then, imagine if this had happened in say... Cleveland. 

If you think for a second that the same silence would be heard, well I have a bridge that you might be interested in.

The Left, had become so adept at bending over backwards to not be perceived in a "problematic" way, that they actually compromise on other core beliefs, solely for the purpose of not offending another group.

Far be it from me to say, but... I tend to think that the assault of multiple women is slightly more important a thing than to not hurt the feelings of some blue haired harpy, that might get mad and throw a tantrum all over tumblr. But... I'm also a little bit smarter than most of that ilk.

When a whole group of like minded people join hands in the same ideas, yet those very same ideas are not universally applied, any rational minded person, by rights, should look at the whole of the work of those people and, correctly, question the validity of those same thoughts.  Not to do so, is to allow the other bad ideas to flourish. 

These people are backwards. Of this fact I the little doubt. They do not, or will not, accept when they have shown their colours and I love calling them out on it. If for no other reason than to watch them thrash about in the squalid mess of their intellectual hog pen trying to figure a way to nail me. Never really works, because I can always respond with "but am I wrong?"

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