Wednesday, December 9, 2015


So last time we talked it was about the basics of "you can do it"

Let's go ahead and keep on that path and start looking at the how.

First thing is first. I talked about how the change in eating was , and still is, the trickiest part of the process.  Always will be.

You can run millions of miles, hoist ton after ton of weights, but with a bad intake of food, you'll get absolutely nowhere. Bad diet means bad shape. That's the long and short of the matter. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect about it. No one is. I love donuts, milkshakes and chocolate. Oh, and French fires... mmmm french fries.

To be honest, on a whole most of us eat like junk. We know how to eat right but we generally don't.  And why? I hear you ask , because eating right is hard, as well as boring.

But, as AA has taught so many, admitting your problem is the first step to overcoming it.  I love junk food. Of all the food types it is my favorite. Of course, my love of junk food will also lead to an early grave by way of my heart trying to explode outta my chest.

The trick is, how do we mix our love of fries against our, understandable, love of life.  In all things moderation is key. 

We've all had the day after way too many buffalo wings, beer, and the like. We all know exactly how we felt. Junky.

Then again we've all had the day that we did it all right and go to bed easily.  I know which one I prefer.

There are a lot , A LOT , of snake oil diets out there but none of them really stand the test of time.  All proteins, no carbs, half gallon of celery juice.... You name it and some shiester has tied to peddle it.  Nothing in my life has done me better than, eat smart.  If you have to pour a whole meal out of a box and let it simmer until it congeals, it's most likely not a sound choice.

I try to stick to the "outside wall" theory when at the store. Stay out of the aisles as much as possible. For there is not but salt and preservatives in those lands. 

The grocery, meat.. dairy. These are the path to good eating. And you'll find that you actually get more food there for your buck than not. Seriously.

My wife is able to feed all four of us , heartily, for a little over a hundred bucks a week. Think about that. A week's worth of food for four people, the baby doesn't count , for 25$ a head. Because she stays outta the aisles. As a result we are all doing very good and I have few concerns about the nutrition we get.

So... Eat smart. Eat cheap. And from time to time... Get some fries.

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