Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Gunslinger

Jon dropped to the ground as energy blasts tore apart the ruined auto he was taking cover behind. The sound of the impacts sang in his ears like a legion of bells as he hastily slid another charge core into both his pistols. “Damn” he thought to himself, “these guys are not gonna let up ‘til I’m dead.” Then there was silence, the shooters were reloading their plasma cores, he had time to take a shot. He came up fast spinning on the balls of his feet and scanned the ruined mall with a practiced eye. Jon spotted two of the shooters, tall and lithe in their matte black power suits, Jackals. The Jackal to his left saw him come up first and threw its plasma gun while drawing its own pistol. “Too slow” he whispered as his left hand jerked with the recoil of his pistol. A deafening roar thundered through the ruins as a charge bolt sped towards its mark superheating the air in its wake. The second Jackal was quicker then his dead comrade though and was already sending short barking shots Jon’s way. Dropping back into his cover he cursed silently, charge bolts he could handle at least they cauterized a wound. Solid shot like what the Jackal was shooting was a whole different issue. It was a bloody and savage type of round that would leave a man in agony as his life leaked into the dirt. “Dirty Jackals” he thought out loud, as he came up again and froze, stunned to be looking down the barrel of the same gun he was cursing. Jon’s world went silent as he realized they had finally gotten him. He let out a sigh as the hand holding the pistol jerked and waited for his death.


Jon and the Jackal stared at each other, blue eye matched against mirrored visor for just a moment and then they moved. The Jackal brought its left gauntlet in a wide arc towards Jon’s head. He ducked under the clumsy blow bringing his charge pistol up to the suit’s helmet but the Jackal was already moving again and knocked Jon’s hand high as the gun went off harmlessly. He was faster than Jon had expected, this was bad. In the second that he was considering this fact a black reinforced boot landed squarely in his gut sending him flailing back on to the remnants of the car he had been hiding behind. The suit was on him in an instant and Jon cried out as his throat was seized by a cold armored hand. The Jackal began to slowly squeeze the life from Jon with steady pressure. Furiously clawing at the hand Jon realized he was not going to be able to pry the vice from his neck, he needed to reach one of his pistols that he had lost when he hit the car. Thrashing violently he laid his eyes on one of his guns where it had fallen in the front seat of the ruined car, it was close. Jon forced his leg in between himself and the Jackal and began to push back trying to lift the suit off of him enough to make a reach for the grip of the pistol. As he laid his hand on the weapon the Jackal recognized the threat and began to force more pressure into the servos of his gauntlet. Jon could hear the tendons in his neck grinding against each other and his vision exploded in pain. As stars played through his eyes his hand wrapped around the smooth handle of his pistol and his thumb keyed the activation nub. A high whine sang out over the fight as Jon hauled the heavy hand cannon to underneath the Jackals helm and pulled the trigger. Again thunder roared through the ruins and the suit went slack on top of Jon. Coughing, he pushed the dead Jackal off of him and wheezed through his bruised throat. Looking down at the now headless body he hacked a bit of blood on to the armor, “Too fast” he whispered and holstered his pistol.

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