Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Power of "Yes"

When was the last time you just said "Yes"?

Yes to something fun or new? Something that you never thought would come your way in a million years? 

The universe has a way to throw things our way and, on a generality, we are more often than not going to tell it "No".  We do it for many reasons. primarily among them is fear. Fear of what the outcome will be, fear of what people will think of us if we say yes to it, and most importantly fear of doing something out side of our normal realm of... doing.

This thing that makes us say no is a very real condition called a negativity bias.  This is a throw back to our caveman days when we really did have to worry about the things going wrong and actually killing us. Totally understandable.

The thing is, the things that we are generally turning away from now rarely, if ever, result in a risk to life and limb. It may result in an uncomfortable situation, but that can be surmounted... death... not in the cards for most of now a days.

You do it all the time with out even really noticing you're doing it.

"No"... that is easy.

On the other hand it takes an immense amount of courage to say yes. It takes trust too; trust that what ever has come your way has come your way for a reason.

There's an old adage, I learned it from my grandma... you all have heard too in one way or another I'm sure: "We are never given more than we can handle".  You don't end up in situations because they are completely random. Every choice we have ever made has brought to these moments. Moments that we can decide to step back and let what might be run by, or jump in the flow and see what happens.

Most of us step back, and that is normal! It's okay, it's understandable.

What I'm on about is the need tha we all have to go further. A need that cannot nor will not be fulfilled by saying no. Why? Because we don't change then. We don't challenge ourselves. Or it my not even be an issue of a challenge but an issue of getting ourselves comfortable and not wanting to break that status quo.

Think about it. We are far more "comfortable" sitting on a couch, devouring oreo's, and binge watching some show on Netflix. But our body is screaming for more. It wants to be used. It tells you as much too. That bored feeling.. the one where you feel like you want to go do something, but you don't know what. That is your body telling you it does care what you do, just that you need to do something.

Personally, I use going to the gym. It's challenging for me, it's uncomfortable; but at the end I feel fantastic because I said yes. I am rewarded for this "yes" with more strength and bigger muscles, that will be (hopefully) admired by someone.



I mean that payoff is about as deep as a plate of cereal, but it's better than nothing.

That one "yes" has improved me, and I love that fact. To be fair, saying "yes" has landed me in hot water in the past. But those are situations that have taught me the wisdom of "to what" and "when" to say "yes to.

If I had stuck with the original "no" that is hardwired into my mind, I would have learned nothing. At all. Which is a sad state. You can never know how good you can be if you never ever try anything.

Best way I have ever heard it put was in the cartoon "Adventure Time"