Friday, March 13, 2015

Geekdom and manliness

Geeks get a bum rap, a lot. Men in the geek community get it bad too, I mean from the get go we're working from behind the eight ball. We're not the best looking, strongest, fastest, or most interesting people. But we are still men, and as such have a truly important thing to do with our lives.


I know, a lot of you are thinking "that's easy, I have a dick..." But wait my friendly reader. Is that really all it takes? Really?

And all of you are sitting there wondering when I'm gonna get to the point. Patience, precious, patience.

Seriously, wait... all good things and such.

Sure, that thing betwixt your legs sure does define you as male, that's without a doubt. A scientific certainty. Though, medically... no... not going down that road.

Anyway, where did you go wrong? Don't know. I don't know when it happens but some of us never become men. Some of us hem and haw over the transition, some of us flatly refuse to be involved in the whole thing.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that enjoying Star Wars/Trek, and getting in a little video gaming from time to time is a terribly bad thing. It's really not. But there comes a time that we have to, all of us, well... to man up.

So many of us willingly allow the stupid stereotyping continue, be it the buffoonery that we see on our prefered sitcoms or the silliness of stupid yogurt commercials. We sit back and let the mass tell us that we are supposed to be childlike and incompetent. Which is incredibly shitty. For one, it's mean, and for two, it sets such a low bar for us to strive for. I mean, really, we are efficient creatres and if the path to success is easier than hard, well, we'll do it the easy way.

Now I find it odd that so many of us accept this as the status quo. Considering that so many of the role models that we grew up with are.. well, pretty freaking manly.  Think about it. Do any of our video game heroes just lean back and say "that's good enough"? No, no they do not. they are constantly trying to succeed at the thing in front of them. Our movie heroes? Tell me for one second that Korbin Dallas takes the easy road and I'll call you a damn liar, I might also smack you upside the head on principle alone.

Because seriously, is this the face of a guy that fucks around?

 But then we come to the crux of the issue. What is manliness? There's a ton of crap out there that says manly is this or that. Be a good Pick Up Artist (PUA), make a lot of money, and so on and so forth. Remarkably, there is a large part of the male community that decides that these are actually ideal though processes. That making a ton of cash and being able to cajole a lady onto our cajones is what is best. Now, I can think of a Cimmerian that might heartily disagree with that, and I would agree with him. In the geek culture it's even worse though! So many of us have lived lives as supposed "beta" males that we think that we have to overcome it with 100% grade A brazen bull shit.

You know of what I speak... the most hated of all "nice guys"... guh... I hate these guys. Not only are they terrible examples of what men are but are also the most horrific models of how men act.  I, personally,  rate these guys as sleazy as the PUA's. Everything they do is premised on the idea of tricking said girl into thinking that they are something that they are not. Then, god forbid, the woman rebuff their advances, they are the first to turn into the most horrible and shockingly virulent misogynists. This is not how men act, this is how petulant children act. The, for all intents and purposes, through a temper tantrum.

Interestingly... it's almost that easy to spot them.
And these guys. These fucking guys, are the ones that rant and rage at any guy that stewps in and says "hey you're being a bit of a prick". They turn on the guy, and with nothing but anger in their heart tell well meaning and sane, guy that he's just a "pussy whipped white knight" (no shit, a sentence I've heard uttered). So instead of taking the time to make themselves better, it is the fault of everyone else for them being the common denominator.

All the while, a quiet majority are crying out "We're better than this! You can be better than this." Almost to no avail. Geek men have it in their heads that The "alpha" has the leg up and that girls only go for "jerks". Well, most of the time, those jerks are actually pretty good guys that are taking the time to figure out how to be them and making horrible mistakes. Unlike the mouth breathing troll that has a line up of clean and practiced lines. There is a specific reason that those other guys get the girl. While they may not be perfect, they are a shit ton more honest that the neckbeard tool that complains about being in the "freindzone"

Actually... that in itself is a fantasitc topic... hmmm next time Gadget! NEXT TIME!!!!!

you know what, let's pick this conversation up next week.

For now, go out and be better. Not better than the next guy, but better than you. The princess is not always in another castle. Sometimes their is no princess. But that shouldn't keep you from becoming a man that a princess would want.

and hey, you never know.